Thailand Tourism Forum

Thailand Tourism Forum 2022 11th Annual Edition

The 11th annual Thailand Tourism Forum 2022 was held on 1st March at the Conrad hotel Bangkok.

An ‘in-person’ event , over 500 attended. Here are video links to replay the individual session’s with our amazing speakers and we look forward to returning with an even bigger event in 2024 at the 12th edition. Enjoy the videos and #ThaiTourismUnited remains strong, proud and ready to move into the future

Event Highlight Reel

Thailand Hotel Performance – Update and Outlook with STR

What Tourism Can Learn From Die Hard with C9 Hotelworks

Why Hotel Operators Must Change with Hilton

Got Numbers, Now What? with STR

Thailand’s Hotel Transactions, How to Make a Deal Work with JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group

Wellness Journey with GOCO Hospitality

Next Generation of Hotel Owners Speak Out with Horwath HTL

Hybrid Spaces, Jumping Out of the Box with QUO

Crypto for Hotels and Tourism with Zipmex

Green Community Tourism with Find Folk

Behind the Mask, A Totally New Travel Experience with Hotel Intel

The Bang Bang Sessions - Thailand Tourism Forum 2022


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