Thailand Tourism Forum

8th Annual Thailand Tourism Forum (TTF)

Thailand Tourism Forum 2019 – ‘MANAGING TOURISM– Ensuring Great Experiences and Sustainable Outcomes’

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world (Forbes, 25 September 2018). Thailand continues to soar as one of the world’s great tourism destinations and experiences for many reasons. Is Thailand on the right path and is the planning sufficient to address the many challenges of managing mass tourism? What are key variables and inputs to be managed to ensure Thailand’s tourism experience remains one of the best in the world and who should manage these? What are the shared responsibilities? How should they be measured in the short- and long-terms?

Thailand Tourism Forum (TTF) 2019 will zero in on how well Thailand is ‘managing tourism’ and what business and government leaders should be focusing on as an industry for long term sustainable success. While hoteliers and hotel investors are important, what about other key stakeholders in retail, high tech-innovative tourist attractions, sports, infrastructure, regulators for safety and others. What are the success factors, how do we improve as Thailand charges down the path to become the #1 tourist destination in the world.

Come to TTF 2019 and get great insights into how managing tourism can lead to sustainable success. Review the numbers and listen to expert analysis to put specific areas and tiers into perspective. Thailand’s biggest hotel event, the Thailand Tourism Forum, is the country’s report card and a dedicated event on the state of the industry. TTF 2019 is a unique opportunity to hear hospitality leaders candidly discuss the economic impacts of these changes.

Thailand Tourism Forum, the 9th edition is set to be held on Monday January 20, 2020 at the InterContinental Hotel Bangkok.

Registration will open in September.